Edge extreme is a crosskart completely designed and manufactured in Sweden. Our goal is to make the fastest yet most reliable crosskart on the market and keep developing it for meny years to come.

Edge Extreme

Have a look at at the Edge extreme.

edge Drivers

Edge competition started 2016 in a pursuit of building the fastest machine possible. After testing out the prototype car we quickly realized we were something on the tracks. After a few years of competing and developing only two cars we can proudly present our production car to costumers all over the world, ready for the racetrack.

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Try out Edge extreme!

Don't take our word for it, try out our Edge Extreme on one of our test days to discover the advantages your self. Everyone with a racing license of some sort is welcome to get a few laps in our amazing crosskart an have a chat with the team in the paddock, maybe you'll discover a new passion.